sgc constructions Tele-Communications

Streetworks Sites

Our NRSWA accredited teams are experienced in all aspects of street work site construction.

The secret of a successful street works installation is the quality of the reinstatement, which is what our teams excel at. Be it Concrete, Tarmac, Paving, Reseeded Grass, or Turf we can deliver a snag free solution to the satisfaction of both the client and the local authority.

Rooftop Sites

We have completed many rooftop builds, and can manufacture and install steelwork, poles and grillages to suit any situation. All our staff are rooftop trained and can install all types, from freestanding, to intrusive and wall mounted.

We like to become involved at an early stage of design, and in many instances can use our experience to anticipate any problems and suggest solutions, avoiding costly problems and delays at the build stage. We have experience in internal room build and cable management installation.

Decommission Sites

As site sharing and joint ventures become increasingly popular, the decommissioning and removal of redundant sites has become a significant proportion of our workload. We have undertaken over 1500 decommissions.

We work in partnership with operators and asset management companies, to completely remove all components from all types of installation. Materials are transported from site and recycled wherever possible . We are licensed waste carriers and provide all documentation for disposal of all the equipment / materials from site. Sites are reinstated to the satisfaction of both the client and the site provider.

Greenfield Sites

We have a vast experience in the construction of Greenfield telecoms sites. Having built sites for all the operators, and in all situations, there is a not a scenario that we haven't dealt with previously.

Our teams have an enviable reputation in delivering top quality sites in the most difficult situations. We can deliver all the civil aspects of the build from initial excavations and utility ducting, through to installing the steel fixing, concrete finishing, Lightning protection systems, fencing of all types, compound construction, overhead gantry work, road building, and landscaping.